Marie Antoinette & Marie Thérèse at Versailles

Marie Antoinette & Marie Thérèse at Versailles: The Painting

“Marie Antoinette & Marie Thérèse at Versailles” is an exquisite painting by the German artist Heinrich Lossow. Born in 1843, Lossow was an accomplished painter, illustrator, and etcher, who eventually passed away in 1897. The painting captures a moment in time at the Palace of Versailles, where Princess Marie Thérèse of Savoy was a trusted … Read more

The Enchantress (The Sphinx and The Poet)

The Enchantress: A Masterpiece by Heinrich Lossow

Inspiration from Heinrich Heine’s “Book of Songs” “The Enchantress (The Sphinx and The Poet)” is a mesmerizing painting by Heinrich Lossow, inspired by the “Book of Songs” written by the renowned German poet Heinrich Heine. The artwork depicts a young poet being drawn into a kiss by a sphinx, while simultaneously being wounded by her … Read more

the sin

The Sin: A Peek into a Scandalous Event

Ah, “The Sin” – a captivating and controversial painting created by Heinrich Lossow in 1880. This intriguing artwork alludes to the notorious Banquet of Chestnut, an event that still stirs debate and speculation today. Although some dismiss it as mere rumor, the banquet’s story – filled with shocking details and licentious behavior – has captured … Read more